World of Skills

What skills render the citizens
of a country the best globally?

The book “World of Skills,” spanning 828 pages, addresses a fundamental question: What skills render the citizens of a country the best globally? It’s universally acknowledged that everyone excels at something. To further one’s career, it’s advisable to hone skills one is already proficient in. By nurturing these skills, one can aim to be unparalleled in their domain. This principle applies to countries as well. Identifying and investing in core competencies can drive growth, building on pre-existing successes. “World of Skills” offers a unique compilation of knowledge graphs for 190 countries, the culmination of over a decade of research by Dr. Grgić. Each graph highlights the skills that make a country globally competitive. These skills are then categorized into clusters based on modularity or density and represented as networks.

Effective benchmarking requires comparing a country against a comprehensive global dataset, rather than in isolation. This research relies on a dataset curated from a plethora of public online sources, anonymized and translated from numerous languages to English. One notable discovery, albeit anticipated, is showcased on the book’s cover: a social network of countries based on shared pinnacle skills, revealing a previously unseen world perspective. Dr. Grgić has also curated an exhibition of knowledge graphs for EU member states, showcased in Sweden and Latvia. Originally slated for display in five additional countries, the exhibition was postponed due to the pandemic.