Previous Research

Prior to his diplomatic career, dr. Grgić has co-authored several scientific papers…

…with Prof. Davor Lauc, professor of logic and his former business partner, and Prof. Damir Boras, the current dean of the University of Zagreb, such as:

  • Social Link Prediction from Homophilous Relationships Using Probabilistic Logic//Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Research Methods in Management and Social Sciences (ICRMMS-2015)/Walsh, John (ur.). IFRD, 2015. str. 45-57
  • Using Probabilistic Logic to Model the Impact of Entrepreneurs’ Social Network Reach on the Survival Rate of Startup Businesses//Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences Bangkok, Thailand/Walsh, John (ur.), 2014. str. 24-29
  • Reasoning about Large-Scale Social Networks with Probabilistic Logic//Proceedings from Sunbelt XXXI. Trade Winds Beach Resort/H. Russell Bernard, Mark House, Christopher McCarty, John Skvoretz (ur.), St. Pete Beach, FL: International Network for Social Network Analysis, 2011. str. 137-138

As the founder and CEO of the Institute for Business Intelligence in Zagreb, Croatia, he has created numerous of studies. These studies were never officially published, as they were printed exclusively for business and political leadership of the country. He has authored or co-authored many of such studies, including the following:

  • The Croatian Elite – the Most Popular, the Most Influential and the Most Powerful, IBI, 2007
  • The Best 500 – Top 500 Creators of Value Added in Croatia, annually issued by the IBI, 2003-2006
  • Investments of Croatian Companies into Knowledge, IBI, 2006
  • Small and Medium Sized Company Development, IBI, 2005
  • Comparative analysis: Politicians, Businessmen and Media, IBI, 2003
  • Representation of Women in Croatian Economy, IBI, 2003
  • Analysis of Croatian Steel Imports, IBI, 2003
  • Who is Ready for Europe? – Productivity analysis of Croatian companies, IBI, 2002
  • Analysis of the Croatian Wood Cluster, USAID, J.E. Austin Associates, IBI, 2002
  • Politicians and the Croatian Economy, IBI, 2002
  • Comparative analysis: Croatian and Slovenian Economies, IBI, 2002
  • Croatian Competitiveness 2001, IBI, 2001