Plant a tree, raise a child, and write a book.

There’s a renowned saying that everyone should accomplish three things in the limited time we have on earth: Plant a tree, raise a child, and write a book. Dr. Grgić believes that leaving that kind of legacy is the best we can do during our lifetimes. Regarding books, he has authored or co-authored, and published the following books:

  • Croatia & Sweden – The Ultimate Resource for Diplomats and Business Leaders, Zagreb, 2023
  • World of Skills, Amazon, 2019
  • Homeland Encyclopedia, 12 volumes, Amazon, 2016
  • Encyclopedia of Croatian Family Names, 2nd Edition, 2 volumes, Amazon, 2014
  • Encyclopedia of Croatian Family Names, National Genealogy Center, 2009
  • European Funds for Croatia, European Movement Croatia, Zagreb, 2005
  • Croatian American Population Estimate: Based on Big Data, Amazon, 2001
  • Index of Companies in Good Standing, Institute for Business Intelligence, Zagreb, 2001
  • Golden Book of the Best Entrepreneurs and Managers in Croatia, 13 editions, Institute for Business Intelligence, Zagreb, 1998-2007
  • Croatian Business Directory, Croatian Bibliographic Institute, 1997

The Encyclopedia of Croatian Family Names stands as one of Croatia’s most triumphant publishing ventures. Remarkably, the first edition saw direct sales of 6,000 copies to customers, bypassing traditional bookstore distribution entirely. In 2009, its launch was celebrated with grandeur at the renowned concert hall “Vatroslav Lisinski” in Zagreb, attracting over 1,500 guests. This event remains unparalleled, marking the grandest book promotion in Croatia’s history.

Još jedan arhivski događaj, još jednom pun Lisinski – promocija Enciklopedije hrvatskih prezimena iz 2008. godine….

Posted by Sinisa Grgic on Sunday, September 6, 2020