Social Networks

Exploring Social Networks: A Deep Dive into Knowledge Graphs

Social Network Analysis (SNA) investigates the complex webs of social structures, using the principles of networks and graph theory, a branch of mathematics. At its core, SNA revolves around nodes and edges. Nodes often symbolize individual actors or entities, forming the cornerstone of the network. In contrast, edges define the relationships or interactions binding these nodes. Beyond the traditional understanding, social networks envelop various facets of human engagements, from personal and professional affiliations, and social media trends, to avenues of knowledge sharing, gastronomic influences, and the dynamics of disease spread.

Dr. Grgić’ focus on “knowledge networks” is particularly noteworthy. His comprehensive research has led to the design of knowledge graphs for every country worldwide, prominently featured in the publication World of Skills.

Highlighting his profound expertise, an exhibition titled “European Knowledge Graphs” was launched. It boasts large-scale posters illustrating the paramount skills that are globally recognized within the EU Member States. Delve deeper into the exhibition here:

The Highest Globally Ranked Skills of the EU Member States The presented knowledge graphs are big data translated into…

Posted by Sinisa Grgic on Sunday, February 23, 2020