Dr. Grgić has demonstrated proficiency in navigating the realms of Social Networks and International Relations. His involvement with NGOs has enhanced his expertise in Diplomacy, both traditional and public. Recognized for his Public Speaking abilities, he exhibits exemplary Teamwork, Team Leadership, and Negotiation skills. Dr. Grgić’ foray into Politics has equipped him with adeptness in Public Relations. Furthermore, his knack for Mentorship, Team Building, Active Listening, as well as Delegation and Motivation, speaks to his overarching social prowess.


In the management arena, Dr. Grgić stands out with his Strategic Thinking and adeptness in the Strategic Management Process. He possesses keen Business and Technology Insights and excels in Proactive and Creative Collaboration, with a firm grasp on Global Development Trends. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his ventures and experience in Leadership, Start-ups, and Business Strategy. Moreover, Dr. Grgić offers expertise in Management Consulting, Market Research, Project Management, Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Direct Sales.


On the technical front, Dr. Grgić is well-versed in Database management, including Big Data environments and SQL expertise. He showcases proficiency in Oracle, Social Network Analysis (SNA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning. His skill set also encompasses Business Intelligence, SAP Implementation, and mastery in MS, Adobe, and Corel applications.

Foreign Languages

Dr. Grgić is multilingual. He is native in Croatian and is business fluent in English. He uses German effectively for business purposes and has a basic understanding of both Macedonian and Bulgarian.

This comprehensive skill set positions Dr. Grgić as a multifaceted professional, equipped to navigate diverse professional landscapes.