Bilateral Book Series

Illuminating Data-Driven Diplomacy

At the intersection of diplomacy, publishing, and consultancy lies the Bilateral Book Series, an innovative narrative on international relations. Beginning with the volume “Croatia & Sweden,” this series is more than just a book. Each installment is a meticulously crafted diplomatic document, rich with data-driven insights that delve into the multifaceted bonds between nations.

Rooted in objectivity, the series integrates analytical depth with diplomacy. It pioneers a data-centric exploration, promoting dialogues that culminate in mutual understanding and cooperation. This initiative goes beyond traditional diplomatic practices, fostering a more informed approach to international ties.

In the world of publishing, the Bilateral Book Series stands distinct. Marrying Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Social Network Analysis, every volume is designed as an interactive dialogue rather than a static monologue. This ensures each reader becomes an active participant, transforming reading into an engaging experience.

On the consultancy front, the series parallels insights typically found in premier consulting firms, yet it champions accessibility. It’s a stride toward democratizing consultancy knowledge, especially for those keen on deciphering bilateral relations.

A nod to the diplomatic tradition of gift exchange, the Bilateral Book Series embodies a dialogue between nations, making it a potential token in bilateral discussions. More than a mere narrative, it signifies a shared vision for international collaboration.

At its core, the Bilateral Book Series is a commitment to nurturing informed dialogues, strengthening diplomatic ties, innovating publishing, and making consultancy knowledge more inclusive. This endeavor symbolizes a world where knowledge fosters understanding, narratives inspire dialogues, and innovation supports diplomacy.

The Bilateral Book Series Presentation in Stockholm: