International Affairs

Dr. Grgić is currently working on a new model and methodology aiming to quantify influence and interdependence among all countries, as much as his limited free time allows him, due to the fact that he is currently serving his country as an ambassador.

The research is based on the International Futures (IFs) Model, developed at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, based at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. His goal is to improve the existing IFs Model with additional features, so it can give better results, especially for small countries, where many data are regularly missing. Lack of country statistics can be substituted by those extracted from social networks and other big data sets available online.

The outcome of this research is supposed to be published in his new book “Positioning Croatia Internationally”. The book will come out in 2021, and it will be available online for free. The same model can be used for any other country.