Scholarly Pursuits & Data Visualization

From an early age, Dr. Grgić displayed a keen interest in research. His foray into publishing began in 1986 with a piece in the Journal of Mathematics and Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, authored at just 16 years old. While studying at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, he devised a computational model to depict mono-electron orbits within atoms.

His doctoral work in computer science and social networks laid the foundation for his subsequent research focus on social network analysis. Furthermore, his diverse international roles provided him the opportunity to delve into the domain of international relations.

In his capacity as the Croatian Ambassador, Dr. Grgić has merged his analytical expertise with creativity. He’s produced a series of distinctive sociograms, transforming data into vibrant visual narratives. These graphical representations, often presented as personalized gifts to fellow ambassadors and officials, have enhanced his recognition in international circles.

As the Croatian Ambassador, he has created many interesting graphs (sociograms) as personalized gifts for his colleagues, other ambassadors, and many officials, visualizing data in a unique way. His colorful work created out of big data, made him recognizable internationally.

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