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Sinisa was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1969. His father Josip, a young engineer from Zagreb, went to help the citizens of Skopje rebuild their city after the catastrophic earthquake of 1963. There he met his life partner – Danica. Soon after Sinisa was born, the family moved to Osijek, where his brother Mislav was born. Sinisa attended primary and secondary school in Osijek. Towards the end of the nineteen eighties, the entire family moved to Zagreb because Sinisa enrolled into University in Zagreb, where he was studying at three faculties. During the war in 1990s, he was assisting in the medical headquarters and was actively involved in all UN consultations concerning Croatia.

He was passionate about Croatia's development and has fought all his working life for the highest standards to be adopted by the country’s political and business institutions. To that end, he has published a number of books designed to foster greater transparency, held the position of Vice Chairman of Croatia’s National Television Broadcaster and launched the country’s most widely used business database with the aim of empowering emerging businesses with factual, non-biased information. These efforts lead him to set up various organizations dedicated to promoting both internal growth as well as inward investment such as, The Croatian Competitiveness Council, The Croatian Exporters Association, "One-Stop-Shop" Agency dedicated to the support of local entrepreneurs and have initiated the Croatian branch of the Junior Chamber – Jaycees. For the past 20 years, he remains an accredited civil society representative at the UN Secretariat in New York, (UNDPI).

He is now working in Germany, creating something new and extraordinary - the business he likes the most!

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