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  • Great Britain, London, Federal Council of the European Movement, 2005
  • Belgium, Brussels, European Movement Secretary Generals' Conference, 2004
  • Austria, Vienna, International Conference on EU Constitution, 2003
  • USA, New York, Annual conference for non-profit organizations associated with the UN, 2001
  • France, Cannes, JCI European Conference, 1999
  • Germany, Berlin, JCI World Congress, 1999
  • USA, Honolulu, JCI World Congress, when Junior Chamber Croatia become full member, 1997
  • China, Hong Kong, Shenzen, Goungou, International Business Summit, inspired by the return of Hong Kong in China, 1997
  • Greece, Porto Carras, JCI European Conference, 1996
  • Russia, Novosibirsk, lecturer at a Youth Congress, 1996
  • France, Strasbourg, JCI European Conference, Junior Chamber Croatia accepted as an associate member, 1995
  • Japan, Tokyo, Yokohama, Sendai, Kitakami, 8th JCI Leadership Academy, 1995
  • USA, New York, Fordham University, Institute for the United Nations, 1994
  • Canada, Montreal, Annual Young World Leaders' Meeting, organized by the Jeanne Suave (former Canadian Governor General) Youth Foundation, held every year and invites only one representative from every country, 1994
  • Czech Republic, Prague, Harvard Model United Nations, organized by Harvard University from Boston, USA, 1993
  • USA, New York, Croatian Club for International Co-operation (founded as the Croatian Club for United Nations) accepted as an associate of the United Nations Secretariat (NGO/DPI), 1993
  • USA, New York, Columbia University, United Nations Charter Review Conference, UN General Assembly, meeting with UN Secretary General and sub-secretaries of the UN, study-visits to the American universities: Columbia, Brown, Harvard, McGill, MIT, Princeton and Yale, meeting with Mrs. Josipa Macek, first trip to Washington, various encounters in American Congress and in the Senate, encounter with presidential candidate John B. Anderson, 1992
  • Netherlands, Maastricht, Council of European Union Council, one of its youngest participants, meeting with Jacques Delors, president of the European Commission at that time, 1991
  • Norway, Hurdalsjön, Croatia's Young Europeans' Organization was accepted into an international organization (JEF - Young European Federalists); the first Croatian non-profit organization to become a member of an international non-profit organization under the Council of Europe, 1991

Listed are only a few of the more significant international meetings where he actively participated. He flew over the Atlantic Ocean more than seventy times and traveled around the world manifold.

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