Enbekon DataServices GmbH, Munich
Enbekon DataServices GmbH is part of the group VR Enbekon eG, that was founded on the initiative of Volks and Raiffeisen banks in Germany. Dr. Sinisa Grgic is CEO of Enbekon DataServices GmbH, dedicated to the systematic gathering of all publicly available information regarding the German economy, its processing and analysis, creating the reports for the needs of its customers.

Institute for Business Intelligence Ltd., Zagreb
Together with Dr. Davor Lauc, his business partner, he was co-founder of the Institute for Business Intelligence, a company started in 1998. The most popular brands created by the Institute include: Business Croatia, The First Croatian Marten, The Best 500, ... Davor and Sinisa, together with a British investor Arthur McQuade Hughes, have sold their company in 2010 to Bisnode, the Swedish multinational, the leading European credit report agency (Dun&Bradstreet, Europe).

National Genealogy Center Ltd., Zagreb
Co-founder of the National Genealogy Center, a publishing company. The Center publishes biographies, books such as «Leading Croatian Physicians», and is currently preparing a book about lawyers. Although only one person works in this Center.

Agency for Business Intelligence Ltd., Ljubljana
Procurator of the Agency for Business Research, a Slovenian branch of the Institute for Business Intelligence who has already published two issues of their “Golden Book of Slovenia's Most Successful Entrepreneurs” (Zlata Knjiga Najuspesnejsih Slovenskih Podjetnikov).

Disney Consumer Products Ltd., Paris
Researched the Croatian market, together with three associates, for one of America's best-known companies – The Walt Disney Company.

Interklub Ltd., Zagreb
His first publishing project was realized through Interklub for the book «Clothes and the Man», a translation of the famous bestseller from Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store in New York.

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